HEIGHT: 5’7” in heels.

HAIR: Long and luscious.

MUSIC: All and any minus songs with only one-line lyrics.

LIKES: Tattoos, football, slow dancing in the rain, food and cute babies.

DISLIKES: Bangs that are cut too short just so they look good in 2 weeks, rude people and open cabinets

ABOUT ME: I graduated from College of Hair Design in Lincoln, Nebraska in 2002, received my cosmetology instructors’ license a few years later and moved to Chicago. I spent 2 years as a member of the Chicago Cosmetologists Artistic Team, teaching other stylists from the stage and bright lights. For photo or runway I try to push the limits but for clients I love hair that is organic, natural and that suits the individual.


HEIGHT: 6’8” and growing.

HAIR: Hat Only + Beard

MUSIC: Everything. I love music.

LIKES: Live music, bad reality television, super sweet dance-offs, lazy Sundays, the movies, beer, traveling.

DISLIKES: Complaining, being late.

ABOUT ME: I consider myself lucky. I do something I love on a daily basis. I was fortunate enough to find my groove for shooting and editing video at the University of Iowa. I started my business 5 years ago and it has since expanded into two companies, Ben Mahoney Productions (commercial films) and Leap Weddings (weddings films). After realizing that almost every one of my video clients could use some sort of hair or make-up service I decided to bring on a couple very talented artists and so Epoch was born.


HEIGHT: 5’7.5” on a good day.

HAIR: Not growing fast enough.

MUSIC: Depends on what the day has in store – i do, however, love me some bass…in my gullet.

LIKES: ANY live music (as long is doesn’t yell or whine at me), the outdoors, giraffes, and this job – they made me write that.

DISLIKES: Bad attitudes, unreliable folks and pickles.

ABOUT ME: hold please…


HEIGHT: 5’2”… and a half

HAIR: Ever-changing

MUSIC: Stuff that sounds good

LIKES: Music, traveling, going on adventures!

DISLIKES: Fake people, prom hair, helmet head

ABOUT ME: I was born and raised in metro Detroit, graduated from Michigan College of Beauty in 2003, and have been doing hair ever since. I truly feel there are few things more satisfying than making people feel confident and stylish. I also love traveling and live music so if anyone out there needs someone to style hair for concerts and shoots around the world I’m your girl!


HEIGHT: I’m short

HAIR: Short bob

MUSIC: Anything I can boogie too

LIKES: lipstick, white roses, and good sense of humor, MY BOSS-He made me write that.

DISLIKES: Mean people, public transportation, and bad manners.

ABOUT ME: Born in Miami, raised in Chicago. I grew up in the beauty industry and followed my Mother’s foot steps to becoming a cosmetologist. I graduated from Paul Mitchell The School with honors. I’m sweet and spunky and love a good laugh. I find nothing more important than making people happy and to feel beautiful.




HEIGHT: 163.56 cm

HAIR: Gingery and layered

MUSIC: There’s a time and a place for most music in my life, except country, I just can’t do it

LIKES: My kitty, thunderstorms, growing things, biking and dancing til the sun comes up

DISLIKES: Drivers that don’t see bikers and hair that’s too polished

ABOUT ME: I moved to Chicago 7 years ago from Madison, WI to persue my dream of doing hair.  I attended the Aveda Institute-Chicago, then went into two years of intensive cutting and color training programs in the city with Trio Salon and Robert Jeffrey Hair Studio. Upon completion I spent a few years as a stylist developing my skills and finding my hair niché. Recently I joined the Epoch team and couldn’t be happier about the opportunity to be a part of such a unique space. I love to make my clients feel cared for and beautiful throughout their experience in my chair.



HEIGHT: 5′ 4″

HAIR: Never the same for too long

MUSIC: Depends on my mood but I’m a classic rock junkie

LIKES: Roadtrips, sleeping in and the Chicago Cubs

DISLIKES: Frizzy hair, being hot and weak coffee

ABOUT ME: I started as a shampoo girl at a small mom and pop salon in the western suburbs at the ripe old age of 16 while attending cosmetology school part time during my junior/senior year of high school. Upon graduation, I spent the next few years at a small salon but had my sights set on the city. In 2007, I made the move and haven’t looked back. From funky to subtle, I love it all. I believe in catering to your personality to find the style that’s right for you.

DEANNE: Stylist

HEIGHT: 5’6 and a half

HAIR: Blonde..for now

MUSIC: Are lasers involved? If so, then I love it!

LIKES: My puppy, snow, Converse, ice cream and riding my bicycle.

DISLIKES: People who stand in the bike lane, drivers who don’t use turn signals and being hot.

ABOUT ME:  I graduated with a BA in Art from the University of Colorado. Then I spent two years snowboarding the Rocky Mountains before moving to Los Angeles to work on the corporate side of film. I’ve been back in Chicago for awhile and enjoy making hair transformations on every client. Watching someone light up after getting their hair done is contagious, and I love to keep a smile on my face!

Stylist Wanted

Are you… Talented, Outgoing, Motivated, Professional, Creative?

Epoch Studio Salon is looking for an experienced stylist to join the team! Candidates should be equipped with skills in both cutting and coloring, show a passion for the industry and a drive to create. Please send resumes to


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